Who Is The Laughing Buddha?

Posted On : February 22nd, 2012 by admin

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The Laughing Buddha is known in China as Ho Tai (or as Mi Lo Fa) and is not direclty related to the historical Buddha. Ho Tai was, according to one legend, a monk who would always carry a bag full of candies, which he gave out whenever he met up with children. He was always joyful (hence he is referred to as the Laughing Buddha). And because he was a monk, and because some Asian languages use the same word for monk as they do for Buddha, there has been confusion that he is a form of the historical Buddha.

Another theory has it that he was originally a fertitlity God, or a God of Prosperity, and his round belly was a symbol for a bountiful harvest. As Buddhism spread into China from India, the local population accepted him as a saint, or a manifestation of the Future Buddha (Maitreya Buddha). In Japan he is known as Hotei and is considered one of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

It is not uncommon for shopkeepers and other people in general to rub the belly of Ho Tai in order to bring good luck or imporove sales (for merchants). Ho Tai is also condisder to be the patron saint of children as well.

In addition, many Feng Shui practitioners believe that using an image of Ho tai can help direct energy. I have heard that the Laughing Buddha is to be displayed in the Southeast corner of your home to bring good fortune.

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